Team Leads

October 2019 ยท 2 minute read

Becoming the leader of a Hub team gives you a great way to have an impact on the fight against climate change in Philadelphia, and speak to the national Sunrise Movement as a whole. You get to show members how to clap back against the fossil fuel executives and build a more fair, more compassionate, and above all, more survivable future for us all.

As team lead, you set the most ambitious goals you believe your group can achieve. Your team is donating their time and energy to the movement by taking on this role, and it’s up to you to make their work count and their goals achievable.

You are taking a more prominent position in Sunrise, so you are also taking on a bigger portion of responsibility for the culture of the Philly Hub. That culture must be inclusive, it must be equitable, and it must be cooperative. We’ve got to build each-other up, while learning from our failures.

Though it is very satisfying to do, this is inherently personal, emotionally-intensive, labor.

Your responsibilities:

Some leadership roles are more time and energy intensive than others. What follows is a rough estimate of the time costs involved.