Philadelphia Green New Deal


Philadelphia needs a Green New Deal (GND) based on deep community participation while also readying ourselves for funding and support that might come from federal or state level action. It will take all levels of government and all parts of society mobilizing and acting together to realize this historic transformation at the scale and speed required.

The development of a GND in Philadelphia must center around the needs and leadership of those most at risk in today’s broken economy, including low-income communities, communities of color, workers currently employed in carbon-intensive industries, and the front-line communities most affected by climate change and pollution.

Executive Summary

  1. Take the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge: Candidates for Philadelphia Public Office pledge to reject campaign donations larger than $200 from the fossil fuel industry

  2. Commit to building a community controlled renewable energy system in Philadelphia to reach 100% clean renewable energy and net-zero carbon emissions citywide by 2030

  3. Uplift communities, mitigate climate change, and reverse environmental degradation through city-wide clean-up and nature restoration efforts

  4. Create living wage union jobs by retrofitting Philadelphia’s city buildings, houses and schools to keep communities safe from exposure to mold, asbestos and lead, and building new zero-carbon public housing

  5. Hold polluters accountable and demand they support a Good Neighbor Agreement with the communities they impact

  6. Expand access to fresh, nutritious food for all Philadelphia communities by investing in Good Food Communities and placing a higher value on locally sourced agriculture

  7. Invest in recreational centers, libraries, schools and district health centers to provide community services and resources and to serve as emergency facilities in times of need

  8. Expand public transportation, and make it more affordable and accessible for every community to encourage lesser reliance on personal vehicles

  9. Achieve zero waste by 2030 by supporting local recycling, reuse, and community-led composting initiatives

  10. Facilitate a citywide community-led planning process on how the Green New Deal should be implemented in Philadelphia, to be completed by January 2021